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I.A.V.M. Trade Show

Great turn out at the 2014 IAVM Trade Show in Portland, Oregon this past weekend!! Big Thank You to all who stopped by the Handy Twine Knife booth. If we missed you, you will have another chance to see us at the DO IT BEST show in October at the Indiana Convention Center... Keep checking back for additional information to follow.

Look Forward to seeing you soon,
Handy Twine Knife Co.
Wear it like a ring, it's always "HANDY"

New Products!

Announcing our new 'fishbowl' container of Vinyl Safety-tip Knives! It has never been easier to display and market our knives than with this convenient container. Contact us toll free at 1-866-294-3424 or by using our contact form.



Introducing "THE RAZOR'S EDGE". These knives are EXTREMELY SHARP! For more information, call us toll free at 1-866-294-3424 or use our contact form.

Do you want to personalize our ring knives or advertise your company? We now offer the ability to add a logo and/or lettering to the side of the knife! Contact us toll free at 1-866-294-3424 or by using our contact form.

Also, check out StuffStuff.com, where our ring knives are currently being featured for their usefulness as a fishing tool!

NEW - Our 2013 Price List!

Original Handy® Twine Knife
As low as $20.80 per dozen
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Safety-tip Handy® Twine Knife
As low as $21.40 per dozen
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Quick Release Twine Knife
As low as $16.80 per dozen
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Handy Twine Knife

As low as $25.60 per dozen
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Vinyl Original Handy Twine Knife
As low as $27.75 per dozen
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You won't find a safer, less expensive utility knife anywhere. This ring-type knife can be used to cut twine, ribbon, plastic strapping, pallet wrap, tape, cardboard, even light gauge wire! For many types of jobs, it can increase productivity and at the same time, reduce the risk of repetitive motion injuries.

Wear it like a ring, it's always "Handy"!


About Our Handy Twine Utility Knives / Ring Knives

We've been making the "Handy" Twine Ring Knife for over 100 years. Our utility knives lead the industry. It is the original ring knife and the safest knife around. The Handy twine knife can be used for a multitude of applications, including cutting twine, plastic strapping, pallet wrap, ribbon, cardboard, tape and even wire. Our knife can be used as a gardening knife, shop knife, sport knife, or all-around utility knife.

The Handy Twine ring knife is not technically a utility knife by the classic definition of the word - a utility knife is more commonly thought of as a long-handled shaft with a razor blade in it that can retract into the knife.  However, the word utility is defined as "The quality or condition of being useful; usefulness".  Taking the word "utility" literally then, our knife is a fantastic utility knife. 

The amount of wide-ranging applications our utility knife has is simply amazing. It's compact size allows you to take it with you wherever you go. These utility knives are extremely lightweight, allowing you to keep it in a pocket or purse, taking it out when needed to quickly perform whatever task you need, then popping it off your finger and putting it back.

Our handy ring knives are designed with safety in mind, and it's nearly impossible to cut yourself with one. For those who want an even higher level of safety, we have our metal safety knives. These have an extra circle of metal just below the knife blade to prevent a finger (or anything else) from getting between the knife's blade and the knife's ring. 

Whether it's our plastic knife or metal knife, you know you have a quality utility knife that is unlikely to break down anytime soon. The materials that go into our ring knives are the same high-quality materials we've been using since the end of World War II. The band on our metal utility knives are made of aluminum, the blades are a heat-treated steel and the rivets are made of a nickel-plated brass. Because the blades are heat-treated, they are stronger and can hold their edge longer. 

Our plastic knives are made of a polycarbonate. The plastic polycarbonate makes the knife strong enough to stay on the users finger even through the band has a split in it. This allows the wearer of the knife to apply enough pressure to cut most anything, but slip off to prevent injury if if the knife blade gets caught on anything. The split band on the plastic knife was designed to be used close to moving machinery or automated lines, allowing for a quick release of the knife from the users finger.

Any worries about hand or finger safety are eliminated with the split on the band of this plastic knife. Also, the split in the band allows the knife to be worn on top of work gloves or outside in cold conditions.  Our utility knife won't break simply because of freezing temperatures. Think about working outside with gloves on and constantly taking a different kind of knife out of your pocket, unfolding it, using it, folding the knife back up and putting it away. Our handy ring knife allows the wearer to simply keep it on a finger and perform other tasks when the knife isn't needed.